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Watch the new Wii U Advert Here

Watch the new Wii U Advert Here

“A brand new console,” is how Nintendo’s new advert for the Wii U begins, “with a brand new idea.” This is the main focus for the minute long commercial, how the touch screen Gamepad changes the way we play games – much in the same way that the Wiimote did for the original Wii.

Some of the highlighted features include the fact that it offers both traditional controller functionality, with the accuracy of a touch screen and the fact that if someone wants to watch TV while you’re playing, you can simply continue what you’re doing on the Gamepad while they put on, Eastenders or something.

The ad. also shows the perspective changes in ZombiU, where players can’t pause to look in their inventory, they need to look down at the Gamepad. Likewise when they want to use a keypad or look at the map.

Ultimately though Nintendo’s biggest point with this advert is that it’s new. The Wii U isn’t the Xbox, PS3 or Wii, it’s something new, exciting and different. Despite that though, quite a few of the games shown in the trailer are ones we’ve had for a while. Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City – however we also see New Super Mario Bros U and Trine 2.

While not mentioned in the trailer, the Wii U will also have a lot of interaction with the Nintendo 3DS, where players will be able to move their game between the home console and the hand held, though some functionality will be lose between the two.

Nintendo’s upcoming Mario games will be receiving DLC content packs in the form of extra courses, with new game modes like Coin Rush adding a new dimension to gameplay. In New Super Mario Bros 2, you only get one life to complete three randomly selected courses.

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