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Valve Hardware Betas Coming in 2013

Valve Hardware Betas Coming in 2013

Valve’s first outing for its as yet still unnamed and un-detailed hardware developments will be in 2013, according to the head of the company’s hardware development division, Jeri Ellsworth. While speaking with Engaget he said that Valve had several different prototypes in development, but wouldn’t give away much else.

“[The goal is] to make Steam games more fun to play in your living room,” he said.

Valve announced its intentions to enter the hardware market a few weeks ago. Considering how many hints had been made earlier in the year about it doing so, it didn’t come as a massive surprise – even if no one really knows what its working on. Some suggestions include wearable computing, though whether that’s a smartphone built into a shirt or something a little more clever – like an outfit that displays a person’s avatar for a certain game when viewed with augmented reality specs for example.

Another guess would be some sort of headgear, which is all the rage at the moment, with John Carmack’s version drawing a lot of attention, as well as Google’s own efforts. We’re still a ways from having virtual reality, but fully immersive gaming headsets don’t seem implausible any more – even if they do still suffer from headache and nausea issues.

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