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Trendnet Unveil 450MBps Wireless

Trendnet Unveil 450MBps Wireless

TRENDnet have announced the release of their latest wireless routers and network adapters at the IFA in Berlin; impressively these operate at a speed of 450MBps, 3 times that of traditional wireless speed that reaches only 150MBps.

While they claim that other manufacturers might be able to produce routers that can do the same, they are the first company to offer both the router and adapters required to make your PC(s) 450MBps compatible as well. On top of this, they claim that their routers are able to operate on the N band of wireless frequncies, in the 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ spectrum; this allows for two WiFi networks to be run concurrently.

Known as the TEW-692GR, this router comes with a 3 year warranty and utilises GREENnet technology to reduce port based power consumption by 70%.

With this technology users shouldn’t have any problem wirelessly streaming HD video and audio, something that hasn’t been possible on previous, 150MBps technology.

On top of the base wireless adapter that gives you 450MBps, TRENDnet are also marketing the gaming version of it, known as the TEW-687GA though there isn’t much indication on how this differs from the standard adapter; other than it is designed to be attached to games consoles as much as it is PCs and laptops.

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