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Tablets to Replace Desktops and Laptops?

Tablets to Replace Desktops and Laptops?

There’s a few articles appearing at the moment that seem to suggest that the tablet PC is going to replace both desktops and laptops as the dominant form of computer usage, leaving these older staples in the dust. This might be true in some cases, specifically for basic PC users, but will they ever take over the gaming market or the business sector where large quantities of typing are required?

These are questions that will be in the minds of those at Online Colleges, as they are a prime target for this type of product.

“Most of the work done by average home PCs or laptops can be done by Tablets. People on the move may not need to carry laptops and may not need desktops at all like they did earlier,” said Sugata Sanyal, Professor of Computer Science at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

He continues, stating that “Tablets will bring a paradigm shift. Just wait till people are accustomed to small devices like they have done in case of mobile phones, particularly smart phones.”

In some cases he’s completely right. Tablet PCs allow basic web browsing, video watching, social networking; all the kinds of activities that the low end PC users takes part in. However, for higher end, more complicated activities like gaming that require fast reactions, instant communication between PC and user; can touch screens really compete with a mouse control? The problem lies in touching a screen. Your finger is often in the way, causing problems on some devices. Perhaps combined with Minority Report style gloves, RTS games and similar could use this function, but first person shooters? Surely not.

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