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Super Slim PS3 to Miss Gamescom

Super Slim PS3 to Miss Gamescom

The Super Slim version of Sony’s PlayStation 3 that has been rumoured for some time, and finally pictured in June, won’t be ready for GamesCom VG247 is reporting.

It had been initially planned to unveil the new console variant at the show, but apparently there are simply too many standard Playstation 3s still out there, that Sony wants to move before it opens up availability on what must surely be, the final run of the PS3.

The other big of news concerning the size zero PS3, is that there will be a small, 16GB version that uses flash memory instead of an internal hard drive. It was initially thought that this could be some sort of typo for a 160GB version, but now it’s relatively certain that a 16GB variant will be available when the system is finally launched – presumably towards the close of 2012 – a year or so before the PS4 is expected to debut.

However with Microsoft’s subscription model Xbox 360 going for $99, can Sony compete on price? It was expected for a while that the Japanese electronics maker would be able to offer this new PlayStation 3 at somewhere around $99 itself, but that has now been disproved. There will be no $99, or even £99 PS3-4000.

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