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Super Slim PS3 Images Appear

Super Slim PS3 Images Appear

Some leaked images of a supposedly “super slim” PS3 have been revealed by Polish publication Polygamia. It also hints at a release date for the machine, of 28th of September, suggesting that it could be unveiled at the Tokyo Gameshow – and possibly at the Eurogamer Expo too.

The report states that Sony will be revealing two models of what will likely be the last in the line of PlayStation 3 consoles, with an entry-level 12GB SKU priced below £200 and a high-end 500GB SKU. The former would need to be priced well below £200 to be in with a chance of selling well however, considering you can currently get 320GB versions of the console for around the £200 mark – not many people will be keen to trade that extra storage for a slightly slimmer design.

Sony certainly needs something to keep itself in the headlines at the moment, with Nintendo set to steal the show in the close of the year with its Wii U console. We’ve had a host of information on the new Nintendo machine in the past few days, including its internal hardware, launch titles and news of a new Monster Hunter in the spring – hell yea.

Is this new PS3 something to get excited about? Or is Sony just ekeing out a bit more cash from its ageing brand?



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