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Sony Releases Walkman Phone

Sony Releases Walkman Phone

The Sony Walkman was an iconic piece of 90s hardware that became a dominant force in the personal music player world. However, as with every piece of technology it eventually became outdated, outclassed and was summarily retired. Now though, Sony are resurrecting the brand for their latest entertainment based smart phone.

Using the latest Android 2.3 operating system, the Walkman is designed to be a music centric phone and it comes with quite a fancy looking exterior that’s available in either iPod white or classic Sony Ericcsson black. In terms of the user interface Sony have tweaked the standard Gingerbread layout by adding their own customizable launchers for apps and features.

The hardware behind this new setup though seems surprisingly lacking. With only 512 MB RAM, of which 320 MB is earmarked for applications, and a single core 1ghz MSM8255 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm; the same one found in the HTC Desire and Xperia play phones. Dual cores have been hitting the phone market for the last 6 months at least, which begs the question of why Sony decided to remain singular? Especially since music phones usually require stronger multi-tasking capabilities, with users playing music while doing something else on the handset.

The other let down is the 480×320 3.2-inch color screen. 4″ displays have been around for quite a  while, but Sony decided to keep things on the small side with this one. Though as Dailytech reports, things like this and the phone’s curved edges could be a way of avoiding an Apple lawsuit. Either way, it’s not a great start for the Walkman brand that no doubt Sony was hoping to revitalise in a new generation of hardware.

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