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Sherlock Holmes Vs. Arsene Lupin

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Arsene Lupin

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Arsene Lupin


Sherlock Holmes: A popular fictional detective, born and based in London, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th Century. Many readers have been interested in his stories and adventures with his sidekick Dr Watson. Who’d have thought that they would make a video game about him?Turns out there is actually a series of games based on his adventures, 4 in fact! Such titles as “Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened” and “The Case of the Silver Earring”.Today I have with me, Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsene Lupin (anyone else think he looks like Poirot?) so let’s see what it’s like.



The game allows players to take on the role of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade who all play their own parts in the mystery solving. When the game begins, Holmes receives a letter from Arsene Lupin, a very successful French burglar, challenging him to attempt to stop his latest heist. The Inspector and his team have to solve a range of riddles, puzzles and quests throughout the game in order to bring Lupin down.

As the story unfolds, the three characters come across clues and references to historical characters that link together with the threat of Arsene Lupin. Most of the game is based on these historical events and the notes you take will decide what course you take.

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