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Scarlett & Bly compete in WCS Copa Intercontinental qualifiers

Scarlett & Bly compete in WCS Copa Intercontinental qualifiers


Scarlett and Bly have been in action in the qualifiers for the WCS Copa Intercontinental this week, an international tournament that awards 1,000 WCS points and $18,000 to the winner. Neither player can make it to the WCS Global Playoffs at the end of the year, but cash money is still cash money. Here’s how they fared in the qualifiers!

Scarlett’s run

Scarlett is currently in Cologne, Germany for gamescom, but that didn’t stop her from competing in the North America Qualifier for the main tournament. She advanced straight to the finals in the Winners’ Bracket, taking victories over Jason (2:0), PiliPili (2:1) and Masa (2:0). There she faced Puck, who she beat 3:0 at WCS Summer Circuit Championship last weekend.

Puck was able to defeat Neeb in order to get to this point though, and Scarlett was playing at 3:30 in the morning — hardly ideal conditions. She took an aggressive stance on the first map, proxying a Hatchery near the Protoss wall and following up with Spines, Queens and creep off a low economy. Puck was able to hold on though, successfully counter-attacking with a Void Ray to deal decisive damage and win the first map.

The second map went into a macro game, and Scarlett’s Ravager, Zergling & Baneling army was microed to perfection in order to take the fight to Puck and tie the series.

The third and final map was perhaps the most entertaining match for Scarlett fans, opening into a standard macro game and then devolving into hit-and-run attacks by Zerglings and Mutalisks and eventually a full-on base trade. Scarlett was better prepared for the base trade than Puck, with a base safely hidden in the far reaches of the map and a large squad of upgraded Mutalisks as the bulk of her army. Puck managed to set up his own base, but needed to rebuild a massive amount of pylons, delaying his actual army growth while Scarlett’s mutalisk flock grew. Once Scarlett reached 40 mutalisks, Puck threw away his army and tapped out. GG!

That means Scarlett wins 2:1 over Puck, and officially qualifies for the WCS Copa Intercontinental. Congratulations to Scarlett; we’ll see her in Mexico City for the start of the tournament on September 10th. You can find more information about her competition and the tournament itself on the always-useful Liquipedia.

Bly’s run

Bly also took part in the tournament, competing in the European qualifiers. He dropped out against the Russian Protoss Strange in his first match (0:2), then started his run in the Losers’ Bracket. He managed to take out Guru (2:0) and Harstem (2:1), but sadly fell against MarineLorD (2:0) to complete his run through the qualifier.

There’s one last chance for Bly to make it to the WCS Copa Intercontinental: the Server Qualifiers, where there are just two slots up for grabs. These qualifiers take place between August 21st and August 23rd, so stay tuned to see what happens!

Wrapping up

Thanks for following our Team Expert players Scarlett and Bly! We’ll keep you updated on their next matches via our website, Twitter, and Facebook, so please follow us if you haven’t already!

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