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Sapphire launches new mini Edge 3 PC

Sapphire launches new mini Edge 3 PC

Hawker of graphics cards and the occasional motherboard, Sapphire, has announced the release of a new variant in its Edge range – this one being the third, is called Edge 3.

Featuring an accelerated processing unit (APU), the Edge is no bigger than past versions, offering up a full PC experience in about the size of a small book. Having tested previous versions I can atest to the minimal nature of the Edge systems and their surprisingly impressive performance considering the size. This latest version should be improved even more so though.

Combined with the AMD E450 APU, you get 4GB of DDR3, a 320GB hard drive, native wireless connectivity, ethernet adapter, twin USB 3.0 ports alongside two traditional USB 2.0. For graphical output there’s HDMI and VGA, with a bundled HDMI-DVI converter if needed, the former of which can output at 1920x1080p resolution.

The E450 that is brand spanking new in the Edge 3 is the most powerful of AMD’s E series of APUs, featuring two cores with a clock speed of 1.65GHZ each, 1MB of level 2 cache and a TDP of just 18w. In terms of graphical power, there’s 80 on die Radeon cores, featuring a clock speed of 600MHz.

Kitguru already has a review out of this little guy, and impressively on the lower settings, it was even able to just about play Left 4 Dead 2, though it did get a bit jittery in some of the tougher action sequences, bottoming out at about 20FPS.

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