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Samsung Pushes for Apple iPhone 4S Ban

Samsung Pushes for Apple iPhone 4S Ban

Apple and Samsung have been battling it out in the court rooms as much as the markets in the past few months, with the stakes looking to be raised again with the latter firm now looking to get the iPhone 4S banned from sale in the US.

This comes a few weeks after Apple forced a temporary sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and select parts of Europe.

Samsung glaims that their reason for persuing a ban on the iPhone 4S is:

Apple has continued to violate our patent rights and free ride on our technology,” Samsung said in a statement. “We will no longer stand idly by and will steadfastly protect our intellectual property.

The question remains though, is it their intellectual property or Apple’s? With each company suing each other over patent infringements, it seems unlikely that things will be sorted out quickly. However, as it stands Apple seems to be winning the battle of the bans but whether that will continue is anyone’s guess.

While lawsuits are hardly a catalyst for innovation, they could lead to some positive outcomes for the consumer. 1: If they continue, at least there won’t be a monopoly generated in the smartphone of tablet market, as for a while at least there should be a stalemate. 2: It could force smartphone firms to really differntiate their products from one another, potentially leading to some much more interesting designs than the thin bricks that we’ve all had for the past few years.

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