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Samsung Planning iPhone 4s Rival

Samsung Planning iPhone 4s Rival

Samsung is hoping to piss on Apple’s bonfire, with the unveiling of their next rival to the iPhone 4s. In an effort to out hardware the too-cool-for-school new iPhone, Samsung have said that their handset, based on the latest Android operating system, will feature an impressive 1.8 GHz dual-core processor and 2GB of onboard memory. 8 years ago I still had 256MB of RAM in my gaming desktop. Now we’re looking at 2gb in a phone. Hole sh%&.

Other features include a 4.6-inch super AMOLED Plus HD screen touch screen and a 12MP camera to back things up.

Despite Apple’s own website titling their new iPhone as the “most amazin iPhone yet”, the hardware inside it is on-paper at least, a little lacking compared to Samsung’s new phone. It comes with the Apple A5 chip which is cracking out a 1GHZ frequency, with a mere 512MB of onboard memory being handled by Toshiba. In terms of screen, it’s basically the same one that was used in the GSM version of the last iPhone and the motor from the Verizon iPhone.

Of course though the iPhone will sell out. Just, you know, because.

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