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PS4 Coming in November

PS4 Coming in November

Just hours ahead of the big PS4 reveal this evening (11pm GMT HERE if you want to watch live) we have a new report coming in that the PlayStation 4 will release sometime in November 2013 and you’ll be able to control it with your phone, similar to Microsoft’s smartglass tech.

According to the Kotaku source there are two models of the PS4 planned for launch, but pricing won’t be officially revealed until later in the year. The intended US pricing as it stands, is $429 for the base version and $529 for the more advanced one.

PS4 Controller

The new prototype PS4 controller, apparently. Source: Kotaku

Tablet and smartphone connectivity is expected too, to help compete with Microsoft’s similar technology and you’ll be able to use your phone to chat with other players in-game. On top of that, you can buy games using your phone which are then automatically downloaded to your console.

It’s also rumoured that Sony will be dropping its free online service and replacing it with a paid for premium subscription, akin to Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Other little details include the fact that the new console bundles will come with a PlayStation eye camera and there will be a new spectating feature where you can watch your friends play games that you don’t own from your dashboard – Sony fans can thank Gaikai technology for that.


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