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PS3 Super Slim could be in the works

PS3 Super Slim could be in the works

Documents have appeared that suggest Sony is working on a super slim PlayStation 3, with a model number of 4,000. The PS3 Slim current model is the 3,000.

This document was picked up when it was filed with the FCC. There’s been no official comment so far, but the rumours so far suggest that the unit will be debuted in Germany next month.

Eurogamer apparently spoke with Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida, asking him whether Sony would launch a new super slim PlayStation 3. “Never say never,” he replied, suggesting something could be in the works. This new FCC document somewhat confirms it.

The current slimline PS3 was released nearly three years ago, so there’s been plenty of time for Sony to put something else together. However, with the PS4 expected to be released next year, this seems like a very short stop gap. Will people really buy into this new model when they know something much more powerful is just around the corner?

If it is released, it’ll most likely be targeted at late adopters, which means the price will need to competitive. With the Wii and Xbox 360 priced as they are, Sony will need to push the boat out to really capture up anyone that wants a PS3 but hasn’t bought one yet.

An update to the BluRay player could be one way to go about it, even if that disc generation has somewhat passed us by. The growth of streaming services suggests to us that BluRay will never be fully adopted.

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