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PlayStation Move Steering Wheel Announced

PlayStation Move Steering Wheel Announced

Sony has shown off a PlayStation Move accessory designedto offer steering and racing wheel gameplay improvements. While this is unlikely to steal the show from the Nintendo E3 conferance, it’s not a bad effort to get the PS3 fanboys riled up.

The controller is basically a plastic shell that fits the bubble move controller inside it. Connected via a plastic bridge, you have two handles that also incorporate a D-pad and four face buttons, one set on each side, with select and start buttons just inside them.

However it’s not just in car racing games that this controller will see usage. Sony has also said that it will be used as part of bike gameplay, with the controller edges acting like virtual handlebars. As you might expect there’s inbuilt “force feedback”, or a rumblepack for older gamers, as well as flappy paddle controls for quick shifts in racing titles and a twistable throttle for motorbike accelerator control.

Known officially as the Move Racing wheel, this hardware supports a few different games, though Sony has touted it for use with LittleBigPlanet Karting and Gran Turismo 5 specifically.

Source: Eurogamer

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