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Ouya Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, New Edition Announced

Ouya Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, New Edition Announced

The Android based home console that is looking to threaten the next generation of home gaming systems, the Ouya, has finally crossed the $6 million threshold (at the time of writing it sits at just under $6.3 million) to guarantee its funding. Those desperately hoping for one of these to land on their doorstep in a few months time can now breathe easy: they’re going to make them.

Ouya Kickstarter

Special Edition Ouya Console

However with six days to go, it’s likely that these funds will continue to grow and to help encourage this, the creators have announced new partnerships and potential bonuses for those shelling out more than $140. First up, the Ouya will now include VEVO support, bringing tens of thousands of music videos to the Android device, as well as “original programming” from several thousand artists. On top of that, those pledging more than $140 + shipping, will receive a Kickstarter version of the console that is unique to backers. It will come with a limited edition controller too, so if you’re looking to show off that you were there from the start, backing the console’s development, you know what you need to do.

The final announcement from the developers is that they have changed the lettering on the controller’s face buttons. Now if you read anti-clockwise from the left, they read O-U-Y-A. This makes a lot of sense and seems surprising that it wasn’t setup that way initially.


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