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OCZ Unveils Octane SSDs

OCZ Unveils Octane SSDs

OCZ has announced a new line up of solid state discs, known as the Octanes. This group is further split into two sub lineups, the full speed Octanes featuring SATA III 6gbps and the slightly slower SATA II 3gbps, though both are still using the 2.5″ form factor.

This is the first set of drives that use Indilinx Everest platform, though it was available as part of a notebook in the past. Featuring a controller that uses a dual core ARM CPU, there’s up to 512MB of DDR3 RAM cache and some very impressive sequential read/write speeds.

The S2 series is slower than its bigger brother, having sequential read/write speeds of 275MBps and 265MBps respectively. The faster SATA III Octane drives run all the way up to 560MBps and 400MBps. Each range features potential capacities of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and impressively, 1TB. However the cost of these drives are quite high if you’re going for the larger sizes. The 120GB one will run you $150, the 240GB for $290, the 480GB for $530 and for the 1TB model, $1000.

How these prices will relate to the UK is anyone’s guess, though I’d expect us to pay more than our former colonial cousins across the pond.

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    Mm…I’d love to get my greedy mits on one of these to play with.