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OC Your Phone Man, its cool

OC Your Phone Man, its cool

Still overclocking your CPU and GPU? That’s old hat these days, the cool kids are all dumping liquid nitrogen on their phones and clocking them higher. Ok so that might be an exageration, but pushing up internal clock speeds on your smartphone is the new in-thing for enthusiasts.

To get in on this trend, you do need to do a bit more than hit delete to enter the bios. Heading over to an XDA developers forum is probably the best place to start and you’ll also need to root your phone and get yourself some super-user access. You also need a version of the kernel that supports overclocking, but once you have all these things, you’re in.

So far its been seen that a Motorola Zoom has been clocked from 1.0GHZ to 1.5GHZ, with the Tegra 2 also being pushed up to 1.5GHZ.

Some advantages of doing this include faster processing speeds and therefore improved performance, but also the ability to undervolt and underclock should you wish to extend battery life.

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