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nVidia’s Quad Core Smartphone Chip is Actually a Penticore

nVidia’s Quad Core Smartphone Chip is Actually a Penticore

No that’s not the Manticore’s evil brother, it is in fact a five core smartphone APU that is designed to handle high level gaming, HD movie play back and more, while maintaining a modest power draw. It does this by using its 5th core as the workhorse. This little guy beavers away during most activities, including basic web browsing, emailing, texting, phone calls etc. However, when higher end activities are engaged, such as gaming or HD video playback, he’s switched off and the bigger boys are engaged.

nVidia’s press release explains it as:

During less power-hungry tasks like web reading, music playback and video playback, Kal-El completely powers down its four performance-tuned cores and instead uses its fifth companion core. For higher performance tasks, Kal-El disables its companion core and turns on its four performance cores, one at a time, as the work load increases.

Known as “Kal El”, the new chips are expected to run at a frequency of around 1.5ghz, and will be used first in the next line up of Android tablets this autumn. However, they are also expected to feature strongly (perhaps a second iteration even) in next years Windows 8’s first line of tablet PCs.

nVidia have also described the GPU core that these Superman inspired chips will be sporting, stating that they will have around 12 streaming processes.

These chips are set to ship in the last quarter of this year, which would mean anytime from now on really. Ooh exciting.

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