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Nintendo Wii U Release Date Leaked

Nintendo Wii U Release Date Leaked

Nintendo’s next generation home console, the Wii U, is set for launch on 18th November in North America and a week later in Japan. While nothing official has been noted for an EU release, based on the Wii’s European release just under a month after the NA one, we’ll probably see something along those lines. Look out for the Wii U in the EU, in early December.

The report comes from a leaked email from Nintendo, posted up on WiiUDaily. Apparently it was designed for retail store staff in Japan, giving them an idea of when to prepare for the next-generation console launch. It was previously known that Nintendo’s console would be landing later this year, but there had been no official date until now.

While some may speculate as to the authenticity of this date, the original Wii was launched on Sunday 19th of November, and in 2012, the 18th is also a Sunday. The closeness of these two dates makes it seem pretty likely that this is legitemate.

So far we know that the Wii U will be a bit more powerful than current generation Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hardware and will make use of a new touch screen controller that some developers have said could be a game changer when it comes to certain titles.

Nintendo will also have a year of being the only next-gen console around, if purported release dates for Sony and Microsoft’s next iterations of their console lines.

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