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Nintendo issues another Wii U firmware update

Nintendo issues another Wii U firmware update

Nintendo’s Wii U has only been out in the UK for a few days at this point, but already it’s released several patches for the console. Today sees the unveiling of another, though it is mainly focused on minor tweaks but reports are that it still takes up to an hour to download.

This is worrying considering it’s a firmware update, since if those are interrupted halfway through it can brick a machine. Chances are most of this time is involved with the downloading, not the installing, but still.

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With regards to what the update does, Nintendo said that it makes “further improvements to overall system stability” and that “Other minor adjustments have been made to enhance user experience.”

Reports so far are suggesting that it’s not really clear what the patch actually does, as there’s no obvious functionality or visual updates – so perhaps it’s something more backend.

This firmware update unfortunately doesn’t replace the huge day-1 patch that Nintendo released and stated as a must have for console owners.

Source: Eurogamer

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