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New Razer Ouroboros Mouse Costs £115

New Razer Ouroboros Mouse Costs £115

Razer has announced a new mouse known as the Ouroboros, that the company has deemed worthy of the monumental £115 price tag.

Granted it does come in with a monstrous DPI of 8200, making the most sensitive mouse out there. This figure seems a little crazy though since even at 5000 DPI you’ll still struggle not to cross entire HD displays in more than a few millimetres. To achieve this level of sensitivity, Razer make use of what they call a “4G dual sensor system.”

It’s wireless, which high speed gamers may not be too pleased by, but it apparently has a 1ms latency, making it as fast as any wired rodent. Despite the lighting too, it can purportedly last up to 12 hours of continuous play with just one AA battery.

The overall shape of the mouse is ambidextrous, meaning left and right handed gamers can make use of it. Each side also features finger supports, so whichever side of your body you favour, there will be somewhere to rest your pinky.

Along each side and behind the front scroll wheel are several programmable buttons, 11 in total, allowing for DPI switching, media keys and more. No easy shift function like Roccat though.

The specifications have the weight and dimensions as:

  • Approximate Size : 116 mm to 136 mm (length) x 71 mm (width) x 42 mm (height)
  • Approximate Weight: 115 g (without battery) to 135 g (with battery)

If you want to pre-order one of these now, you can do so at Overclockers.

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