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New HD 7000 series cards detailed

New HD 7000 series cards detailed

Prices and specifications have been revealed for several new HD 7000 series cards from AMD. We’ve heard about the high end 7970 and some of the mid to low range alternatives, but what about these in between?

The Tahiti chip inside the series’ top performer will also come in a light version, or LE, and will be used in the HD 7890. This comes with 1.5GB of RAM and a 216GBps memory bus. In terms of clock speed, the memory runs at 1.125GHz whereas the clock comes in at 900MHz which surprisingly is the the speed that almost every card runs at. The only difference is in the 7990 where there’s a 50MHz drop and in the 7870 which has a 50MHz bump.

The mid-range Pitcairn GPU will also come in an LE flavour, the 7790. It brings with it 1152 stream processors, 1GB of GDDR5 on a 256 memory bus. Memory bandwidth is much higher than other 77XX cards, running at 144GBps, though the price does take a $50 jump over the 7770.

The majority of the 7 series lineup is listed as hitting the shelves in January or February, with the highest end dual chip card, the 7990, set to come in March along with the 7950 and 7850. The LE variants mentioned above however won’t be coming until Q2 according to the table posted over at Lenzfire.

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