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Kinect for Windows goes commercial

Kinect for Windows goes commercial

Microsoft are now offering commercial licenses for Kinect for Windows, with several firms including Toyota and Mattel having already taken up the offer.

“Kinect has had an amazing first year, selling over 18m sensors,” said Steve Clayton on Microsoft’s official Technet blog.

“Now it’s game on for businesses to show us what they can do with this technology – once they have Kinect for Windows hardware and have installed the SDK, they’re free to innovate away. Just how we like it.”

The retail version of Microsoft’s Kinect motion tracker for Windows hit recently, with a suggested retail price of $250. Educational discounts see this drop to £150, so students can motion control to their hearts content – or develop their own clever uses which I suppose is the point.

“Companies such as United Health Group, American Express, Mattel, Telefonica, and Toyota that already are developing applications with Kinect for Windows – and more than 300 companies from over 25 countries are busy dreaming, inventing and building.”

When the beta of the SDK – now available in full for free – was released, clever individuals used Kinect for all sorts of things, creating on screen light sabres, on the fly facial manipulation, voice controls and more. Minority report style screens are here people. It didn’t take long did it?

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