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Japan is Gearing up for the Wii U

Japan is Gearing up for the Wii U

Japanese game developers have discussed in magazine Famitsu about what they expect Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console to be able to do. It might be a year off at this point, but expect the next 12 months to continually ramp up the expectations; a new console launch is always exciting.

Capcom’s Hideyuki Kobayash and Jun Takeuchi both said that they believed the Wii U could be a big hit, but that the controller with touch screen could be the keystone of the console as if it draws too much attention from the TV it would detract from the console. However, if done right, Shuu Takumi says that he believes it could open new perspectives for games, perhaps offering a first person view in a third person game.

Yoshifumi Hashimoto of Marvelous Entertainment is currently experimenting with using the controller as a cooperative gameplay component, giving a second player a way of joining in the main game in a different way. “For example, in Harvest Moon when you’re in your in-game room, if you turn on the television, the video from the television could be shown on the controller screen,” he said. Tecmo Koei’s Kenichi Ogasawara, Akihiro Suzuki, and Yousuke Hayashi have said that they see this as an avenue of development that is worth investigating.

Sega devs. have said that they’re pleased to finally see a full HD console from Nintendo. Jiro Ishi and Akihiro Hino of Level-5 also said that they liked the idea of bringing stylus based games like Professor Layton  could be ported over.

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