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Japan investigating overheating PS vita concerns

Japan investigating overheating PS vita concerns

The Japanese government – and specifically the department known as the National Insistute of Technology and Evaluation – is currently investigating reports of PlayStation Vitas purportedly reaching burning temperatures during a battery recharge.

When quizzed, Sony has admitted to 31 instances since the handheld was introduced at the end of last year, running through to June 2012. Apparently 23 occurred in Japan, while the other eight took place in the UK, North America and Australia.

Its burnin' up or somthing...

While it doesn’t seem to be a common issue, Sony does have an idea about what’s causing it. The problem involves the power socket for charging the device. Some are suggesting that it occurs if someone forces in the power connector the wrong up up. Sony on the other hand believes that it’s when a liquid, or other conducting material gets into the charging socket and shorts out the connection.

Fortunately there have been no injuries in any of the instances of overheating, so it’s not quite as bad as some of the iPhone and Samsung handsets that have reached burning temperatures in users pockets and in some instances even exploded.

Source: Andriasang via Yomiuri

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