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Japan gets Playstation Vita on December 17th

Japan gets Playstation Vita on December 17th

While the rest of the world will most likely have to wait until next year to get a hands on experience with it – why do Japanese companies always do that? – Japan look set to get their first taste of the Playstation Vita in the last week before Christmas: December 17th is the intended release date.

There will apparently be 26 titles on the launch day and it will come packing some interesting hardware. The CPU is a four core ARM Cortex-A9 which will split its multithreaded talents over several functions. 3 of the cores will be handling the polygon side of things, while the final one will take on the challenge of alpha compositing, Z/stencil buffering, and anti-aliasing.

As far as features go, there will be WiFi and 3G support (depending on the version you buy), along with Bluetooth, twin cameras with facial recognition, twin analogue sticks for contol purposes and the traditional Playstation picture buttons along with a traditional D-Pad.

The display is a five inch OLED capacitive touchscreen in the center of the device.

Release date pricing is expected to be ¥29,980, or around £250 for the 3g and WiFi version, whereas the one that only comes with the latter is expected to go for around ¥24,980, or £200.

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