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Ivy Bridge 16 per cent faster than Sandy Bridge

Ivy Bridge 16 per cent faster than Sandy Bridge

Clock for clock, Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs could be as much as 17 per cent faster than the last generation of Sandy Bridge processors.

Fudzilla has been perusing some data that seems to suggest internal tests comparing the equally clocked i7 2600 and the new i7 3770, the Ivy Bridge hardware – which sports four cores, eight threads and 8MB of cache – was between seven and 16 per cent faster.

According to the report, the lowest difference between the two was found when benchmarking ProShow 4.5 when operating a slide show. However, the 16 per cent results showed up when testing Excel 2010. Other software used includes: Sysmark 2012, HDXPRT 2011 and Cinebench 11.5  with the i7 3770 coming up trumps every time, with a lead of about 10 per cent.

Some of the performance difference could be put down to the slightly improved turbo frequency of the new Ivy Bridge chips. However there’s only 100 MHz difference, so it seems that most of it can be attributed to the new achitecture. It seems likely as well that thanks to the die shrink, and therefore reduced power requirements and thermal output, that overclocking on this new line of hardware could be monstrous.

As long as cooling is enough, it seems perfectly reasonable to hope for 5GHz on air, maybe 6GHz on water.

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