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iControlpad 2 Looks Good

iControlpad 2 Looks Good

The second version of the iControlpad has appeared on Kickstarter, with a demo video showing off the current state of the prototype – and it looks good.

Designed to improve the control scheme of mobile games, the iControlpad and its sequel add real world buttons to a smartphone for use instead of standard touch controls, which while useful for some games, often get in the way of the action and are simply less functional than their more traditional counterparts.

Like the first the iControlpad 2 incorporates twin analogue sticks and a Dpad, along with four face buttons, but this new version also includes a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s small and therefore those with big thumbs might find typing on the device a little clumsy, but for those of us with average or below average digits, it shouldn’t be too hard – certainly easier than most touch screen keyboards anyhow.

iControlpad 2 - nothing says "I'm a gamer" like adding a controller to your phone

The method of attaching to a phone or other device has also been improved. Instead of simply clipping onto the side, the iControlpad 2 hooks on to the bottom and can be rotated under the phone for storage, and swung out for usage in the style of the original.

Here’s the video explaining the feature breakdown:

with 26 days to go, over 425 backers have already dived in, pledging almost a third of the $150,000 goal. Head here to make your own contribution.

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