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IBM Chips can Predict and Sense like the Brain

IBM Chips can Predict and Sense like the Brain

IBM have developed a new kind of chip that say is able to make predictions and “sense” events similar to the brain; they term the new method “cognitive computing”. Able to learn from its mistakes, like the human brain this new cognitive chip uses pattern recognition at its core to develop.

This isn’t mere concept stuff either, they’ve actually made this. On top of that, it’s fully out of the testing stage and with a further investment of $21 million from the Department of Defence, the are currently working on handling mass production and implementation.

Apparently this new set of chips is able to “rewire themselves on the fly.” This is different from the linear way in which traditional chips handle data. Surely this is some kind of precursor to a hardware version of Skynet?

Fudzilla is speculating that these chips could potentially react to abstract human concepts like taste, touch, smells and sound; though of course the programming would need to be in place to utilise this.

The interesting thing with them really though is the size. Current versions have only 3.8 million transistors in 4.2 millimeters square of silicon. Modern CPUs and GPUs are in the billions, despite being completely inferior to handling tasks like the human brain can; and “rewiring” is out of the question.

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