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Heroes and Generals Enters Closed Beta

Heroes and Generals Enters Closed Beta

Mass World War 2 shooter, Heroes and Generals, has now entered closed beta. The game has been undergoing serious Alpha testing for some time now and is approaching completion, slowly but surely.

Similar to other FPS games, but similarly much more grand, this MMO like shooter takes place across the entirety of Europe, with up to 10,000 players participating in several reenactments of the second world war. As part of either the Axis or allied forces, you’ll take to the skies and ground, on foot and in vehicles (even on the odd bicycle) and take the fight to the enemy.

It all works seamlessly through a browser experience, making the game accessible to a wider audience, as well as offering a strategic gameplay experience over the traditional run and gun of games like CoD and MoH. Perhaps the most exciting element however, is that similar to titles like Savage, some gamers will be able to rise up the ranks of command. This allows them to manage the war at large, calling for gamer reinforcements in some sectors, while sending in those with pilot characters to perform bombing runs.

There’s a lot of depth to this game and the surface has only just been scratched. We’ll be keeping out eye on it, and signing up for a beta key too.

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