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G-Technology Launches 4tb G-Drive

G-Technology Launches 4tb G-Drive

Makers of storage solutions, G-Technology, have announced a couple of new external drives that feature some quite impressive capacity. The G-Drive comes with 4 terrabytes of space, while the RAID version comes with 8 terrabytes.

However if you’re thinking that this is a multiple drive setup in both options, you’d be wrong. Hitachi has a 4TB drive, so in the G-Drive there’s a single 4TB HDD. In the RAID edition there’s a twinned pair.

Steve Pereira, VP of Hitachi GST said, “Our G-RAID Thunderbolt demo connected to a MacBook Pro shows how our customers can get lightning speed and huge capacity in a single RAID 0 storage solution to easily edit anywhere. Built like a tank, our G-RAID solution has been the cornerstone of our business, and we look forward to bringing our Thunderbolt-based family and 4TB-based solutions to the market.”

Unfortunately for Hitachi though, Samsung have beaten them to the punch a little, announcing their own Go-Glex 4TB drive just yesterday.

For the 8TB RAID device, it comes pre-configured in RAID 0, increasing speed, but not improving backup security, which might be what you’re after if you’re looking for that sory of backup.

The company said the drives are “Dedicated to serving the Apple Mac and creative professional audio/video markets.”

No price or concrete release date information yet, but chances are it won’t be long till you can shell out a few hundred quid for the priveledge of putting all your data on one drive.

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