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Fully mechanical Corsair Vengeance K95 keyboard announced at CES

Fully mechanical Corsair Vengeance K95 keyboard announced at CES

Last year we reviewed Corsair’s entry into the mechanical keyboard market, with the Vengeance K90 and K60. We gave these keyboards high marks the first time around, with the K90 scoring a rare 10/10 and the cheaper K60 getting a 9/10.

While we were impressed with the keyboards’ high standard of construction, well designed media keys and Cherry Red switches, we also were disappointed that Corsair had opted to not include mechanical switches throughout – on these boards, the Function keys and Insert/Delete cluster remained as rubber domes as a cost-cutting measure.


Corsair have just announced their next mechanical keyboard, and it appears they’ve solved what was the only real issue with these keyboards – with the Corsair Vengeance K95, Corsair have used mechanical switches throughout, even on the 18 macro keys present to the left side of the board. They’ve also chosen a new black chassis and have added white, individually controllable back-lighting that looks fantastic. The K95 should be available in early spring for just under $150.

Corsair have also announced two new mice at CES, the M65 and the M95. These come with a monstrous 8200 DPI sensor. Both models continue in the same direction as their predecessors, with the M65 being a cheaper but still well-made mouse with a sniper button, while the M95 has a raft of extra buttons for use in MMOs and a higher price tag to match. The M65 will cost $70 and the M95 $80; both will be available in January.

I’m definitely excited about the new releases, particularly the K95. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to review these new Corsair Vengeance products and let you know how they compare to their predecessors – so stay tuned for that!

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