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First Ultrabooks Fail to sell well

First Ultrabooks Fail to sell well

While Intel might have been aiming big with their new ultrabook platform, trying to cross over the portability of the larger netbooks with the power of a fully featured laptop, early sales are not turning out as strong as expected. Digitimes is reporting that both Asus and Acer have fallen short of their targets to sell between 200 and 300,000 ultrabooks in the first few weeks of operation. So far each has only managed to push around 100,000.

Apparently part of the problem is pricing. The $1000 USD models offered in the US, havn’t been made available in Eastern countries like Taiwan, which seems strange since much of the internal hardware is likely manufactured there. Acer’s 13.3-inch Aspire S3 comes in at around $1100, but apparently the internal hardware does little to differentiate it from an Apple Macbook at that sort of pricing.

Intel has made bold claims, stating that a large percentage of PC users would, by mid 2012, be using ultrabooks instead of their desktops and other mobile alternatives. However, if this current trend continues, that prediction could be proved quite false.

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