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First Sandy Bridge E Processor Prices Emerge

First Sandy Bridge E Processor Prices Emerge

Prices have emerged for the upcoming line of Sandy Bridge E processors.  It seems that the lowest end version will cost just uner $300, whereas the most expensive will run somewhere around $1000. How these prices will conform in the Eurozone however is still up in the air.

The champion of the bunch, running the near four figure price tag, is the Core i7 3960X. Of course utilising the LGA2011 socket (what an easy naming convention compared to previous generations), this high end beast will feature a clock speed of 3.3GHz across each of its six cores, though it supports hyperthreading so will be able to multithread itself in 12 different directions. It is likely that this version will come with an unlocked multiplier and the potential for serious overclocking. Level 3 cache will be set at an impressive 15MB.

There are two other chips shipping in the same Q4 timeline, the middle ground being held by the Core i7 3930K which will be priced around $580. It will come with a slightly lower clock speed of 3.2GHz but will of course turbo itself to a much higher rate. There will be 12MB of level 3 cache shared across the cores, of which there will be 6, with hyperthreading bumping up the thread count. Both this chip and its extreme bigger brother will also feature a QPI of 6.4GT/s.

The baby of the first release line is the 3820, which will come with a price tag of around $300. It won’t have an unlocked multiplier as denoted by the lack of a “K” following its name. However, it will have the highest base clock speed of all of them, sitting pretty at 3.6GHZ. It will turbo up to 3.9GHZ, and will pack 10MB of level 3 cache and only 4 cores, bumping to 8 threads with hyperthreading.

Each chip will support quad channel DDR3-1600 memory as well as PCIe 3.0.

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