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Fancy some Wolfenstein 3D? I do.

Fancy some Wolfenstein 3D? I do.

If you’re in your mid 20s at least and you’ve been a gamer your whole life, chances are you stayed up late into the night on your parent’s computer, slaying nazis by the bucketload in Wolfenstein 3D. Getting that game to work these days isn’t so easy, but now you have an easy method to get back into the action: XBLA, Steam and PSN.


Priced at just £3 on Steam, $4.99 on the PSN and 400 Microsoft points on the Xbox, Wolfenstein 3D is there in all its glory. These games have been released before, but this is a re-release apparently. What it really is however is promotion for the new Wolfenstein game, “The New Order,” that’s coming out towards the end of this year – probably on next-gen systems.

You play the same protagonist in both games though, B.J.Blazkowicz – good luck pronouncing that – and in both, you’re slaying nazis. Though something tells me in the new one they won’t have you running along every wall hitting the action button, just waiting for a hidden compartment to be revealed.

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