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Blackberry Services Crash

Blackberry Services Crash

Users of the damn popular Blackberry handsets across several countries due to an error at the RIM data centre in Slough. Users are reporting that they can’t send BBM messages, browse the internet or access other online facilities.

Some Twitter iphone users, like @MabdRabbo have been mocking the Blackberry users:

So BBM users… You are happy being completely under the Mercy and Control of few people in Canada ? Pay the BBM failure ! Long life iPhone

There has been no real world from RIM at the moment, with some people speculating that the outage is going to be at least 24 hours.

If you want a quick laugh, have a read of this. Thank god it wasn’t an iphone outage. Imagine the crying then? There would probably be some really uncalled for Steve Jobs jokes as well. Nobody likes those do they? I mean, that’d just be mean spirited.

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