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Bioshock Developer Looking for High Metacritic Manager

Bioshock Developer Looking for High Metacritic Manager

The developer behind Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games, has put out a job listing looking for a new Design Manager to take over a team and act as a design advocate. The position is said to involve scheduling, leading and managing a design team, inlcuding handling staffing, oprganisation and the development of a game’s design.

The interesting part of the job listing however, comes in the requirements section. Where applicants are expected to have 6+ years experience as a games designer and over 4 years experience mangaging a team, Irrational also needs them to have worked on at least one game that achieved over an 85+ score on Metacritic – showing that even if critic’s scores matter less and less to consumers, they still matter to some developers.

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It’s an odd choice too, since a lot of good games just miss that 85 benchmark for whatever reason. As Eurogamer points out, titles like Mirror’s Edge, Crackdown, Bulletstorm, all good games, but not quite metacritic 85+ material.

Most of the rest of the job listing is pretty standard stuff, though it’s worth noting that Irrational is also looking for someone with “A strong passion for and experience with First Person Shooters.” Whether the developer is hiring someone to help complete Bioshock Infinite, or to work on a future title is unknown at this point.


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