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Asda slashes Wii U price to £150/£200

Asda slashes Wii U price to £150/£200

Well ok, £149 and £199, but nobody cares about those extra pennies really, I think we’ve all caught on to the ‘just under’ marketing tactic. However the price drop is real, with Asda now pricing the two units £100 lower than they were when the new console was launched in November.

This is of course the second time Asda has slashed the price on Nintendo’s new console. It did so back in March, cutting the price then by £50, so obviously the original price cut didn’t have a dramatic impact on sales, as here we are less than two months later, doing the same thing.


It wouldn’t be surprising if other retailers followed suit either, as worldwide Nintendo has only sold 390,000 of the console since Christmas. Before that it managed to push just over three million, but that quick surge of buyers dried up very, very quickly.

Much of the problem is thought to be Nintendo’s poor games lineup, which hasn’t really been bolstered since the release of the new Monster Hunter Ultimate in March. That however, despite being a well received game, is part of a reasonably niche genre and not the kind of game Nintendo is usually associated with.

Add to this, the fact that a lot of Wii owners still think the Wii U is an upgrade and not a new console and you have a quagmire that’s difficult to get out of.

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