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Apple TVs to come in three sizes

Apple TVs to come in three sizes

Apple’s still in-development line of TVs with built in internet access and more is set to come with an initial line up of three ranging in size from 32 to 52 inches. Likely the third option will be a traditional 32 inch, but it has yet to be announced as of yet.

Rumours of Apple’s smart TVs have been abundant since Steve Jobs’ authorised autobiography was released a couple of months back. Jobs was quoted as saying that they’d finally figured it out, the company knew how it was going to revolutionise the television. That still remains to be seen.

In terms of features, it’s basically about making the TV more like a PC, adding ability to access the internet, store local content, have applications and including a nice fast ARM CPU, probably the A6 that is planned for inclusion in the third generation of iPad.

However, the Android crowd aren’t going to sit idley by and let Apple scoop up this market – though they wern’t able to do much against the initial iPad onslaught – with Samsung and LG planning to offer at least some resistance to the move. Apple and similar smart TVs are expected to launch sometime in Q3 or 4 2012, with some suggesting it could be pushed off until early 2013.

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