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Apple patents long life batteries

Apple patents long life batteries

Apple has continued its run of patent registration with two new ones for long life batteries. Instead of lithium ion design that many companies are pushing to develop at the moment, Apple’s two new patents are based around hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

The designs could allow for battery life to be extended from the few hours we have at the moment, to something as large as days or weeks at a time.

There have been some other battery advancements recently, with a team of researchers from Rice and Lockheed developing a new way to include silicon in the design of lithium ion batteries. By inserting small collections of silicon inbetween the layers of graphene traditionally used in the creation of li-ion power packs.

This will increase battery life by 10-100 times as a single atom of silicon can store a single lithium atom, whereas the graphene sheets can only store one lithium atom per several graphene atoms.

Due to small holes being cut in the graphene sheets as well, charging speed will also be increased 10 times as the lithium atoms can move through the battery far easier.

So at least Apple will have some competition when it brings its new battery tech to market.

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