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AMD’s Bulldozer Chips Land

AMD’s Bulldozer Chips Land

After months of fanboy waiting, AMD has finally released their first lineup of Bulldozer CPUs; to OEMs and retailers, with consumers expected to be able to get their hands on them sometime in October. With 16 cores, the new chip is named FX-6200, harking back to a few generations ago of hardcore chips.

Designed to target the server side – and consumers looking for monster home performance – the new CPUs have one FPU (Floating point Processing Unit) per two cores. This is in contrast to Intel’s Sandbridge chips that have one each. This could cause a performance deficit to the new Bulldozer chips, but as the Dailytech commenter points out, these new AMD CPUs are able to handle 2 x 128 bit SSE instructions, or a single 256 bit AVX cycle per clock. Intel’s FPUs can only handle one or the other. This should even out the playing field between the chip makers.

Compatible only with AMD’s Socket G34 (Magny-Cours/Opteron 6100), the new chips also come packing a quad memory controller, and will lead the way for the Bulldozer line, which in turns paves the way for Zambezi, coming in a year or two.

AMD has also slyly released more APUs, which with their combined GPU and CPU components, are doing very well at the low end. Intel has struggled to compete, as while their CPUs are good, their built in graphics have never been as strong as AMD (ATI). A4-3300 includes dual 32 nm Stars cores at 2.5 GHz and with 2 MB of L2 cache 160 unified shader GPU.  The chip draws 65 watts.

A4-3400 has the same GPU, but the CPU clock speed is up to 2.7GHZ. Both chips are priced under £50.

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