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AMD planning to have 3 HD 7000 chips ready by March

AMD planning to have 3 HD 7000 chips ready by March

The first HD 7000 series chips have been unveiled and are getting reviews all over the shop, with AMD planning to release at least another two GPUs by March.

The HD 7970 is set to be available to consumers as of January 9th, with the Radeon 7950 showing up around the same time. Currently known as the Tahiti Pro – the 7970 is the Tahiti XT – it has 3GB of onboard RAM running at 1250MHZ. The core clock sits at 900MHZ.

The 7870 and 7850 cards will be replacing the current generation 68XX cards and will be launching in February. The more expensive ones will cost around £100 more, with both expected to have around 1GB less of RAM.

The smallest of the bunch set to show up in Q1 of 2012, will be known as the 7770, which is a much smaller unit with lower clocks and likely cost under £100 at launch. Known as Cape Verde, it has a 164 square millimeter chip with 896 stream processors.

AMD are hoping to regain some lost ground in the technology world after the botched bulldozer release. It’s got the jump on Nvidia certainly, so it could gain a significant advantage over its main graphics rival.

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