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AMD planning own Ultrabook like designs

AMD planning own Ultrabook like designs

Intel’s thin and near weightless notebook designs have been doing quite well since their first outing, with some analysts expecting that a large proportion of the mobile computing market could be taken up with Ultrabooks within just a few years. Now it looks like AMD might be planning its own renditions of this design.

Things are moving swiftly too, with AMD hinting that we could see early versions of the non-Intel ultrabooks by as early as CES next year.

While it seems unlikely that AMD would be able to offer anything in the way of Intel’s performance, the company could perhaps outdo the larger rival on price which has been AMD’s major selling point in the past few years – and will no doubt continue after the poor first outing for the Bulldozer line of CPUs. With this in mind, it seems likely that any ultrabook style laptops from AMD would be using the low-end Bravos line of APUs.

While performance might be down compared to an Intel platform, battery life would certainly be up. Combined with a nice SSD and plenty of memory, you’d have a system that was a reasonable number cruncher with a basic graphical chip and the potential for long battery life and snappy operation.

Some have hinted that AMD would leave the CPU game for good after the Bulldozer debacle, but it seems likely that the company will simple dig in to its niche a little more. Providing a cost effective alternative to Intel will always be welcome as the chip giant does have a penchant for pricing itself with inpunity.

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