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AMD Bulldozer FX Coming next month

AMD Bulldozer FX Coming next month

AMD has announced that their line up of 7 Bulldozer FX CPUs, two quad, four eight and one six cores, are set to be released around mic October, with Fudzilla speculating that it will be the 12th.

The big boy for the lineup is AMD FX 8150 which has a TDP of a 125W and a core clock of 3.6GHz core clock, turbo clocked to 4.2GHz. It’s smaller brother, the AMD FX 8120, comes with respective clocks of 3.1GHZ and 4.0GHZ, it’s TDP running at the same 125W. Apparently a similarly clocked version will launch further down the line with its wattage use dropped to 95w.

The next chip in line is the AMD FX 6100, is a 95W six-core part with a base clock of 3.3GHz though hitting the turbo button will jump it up to 3.9GHz.

The top of the line gaming beasts are both 4100s, the FX 4170 with a 4.2 GHz core clock and a turbo of 4.3GHZ making it the highest clocked manufacturer quad core to date. It’ll have a TDP of 125w.

The runner up for that will be the AMD FX 4100 with 3.6GHz core clock and 3.8GHZ turbo mode.

These chips are looking to compete directly with Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge chips which are designed to have a 20% CPU performance boost over current Sandybridge chips.

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