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AMD Breaks Overclocking Record

AMD Breaks Overclocking Record

AMD has stuck their middle finger up at Intel once again this week, topping their own record for highest clock frequency on a single chip. Utilising an Asus Crossfire board, AMD have pushed the clock speed of two of the eight cores on the as yet unreleased FX-8150 to a staggering 8.429GHZ.

The procedure used to create such a monster clock speed isn’t something the everyday user will want to be attempting however, as the voltage alone would cause most chips to fry. Using a Vcore of 2.016v the AMD boys tweaked their configuation until it hig 271.92×31, producing the awesome frequency.Of course they had some liquid Helium to help them, not something you can get hold of that easily. For a reference point, with a boiling point far lower than the OC staple, liquid Nitrogen, this gives them even more headroom for overclocking.

AMD are extra chuffed with this, as it also got them back in the Guinness Book of world records; though of course, they were just bumping their own previous record of 7378.25MHz with the Phenom II 955 Black Edition.

AMD have a tribute video of the OC here:


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