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AMD and nVidia get Excited about 28nm

AMD and nVidia get Excited about 28nm

TSMC has announced that production has begun on 28nm parts and AMD and nVidia are likely to be quite excited about this, since they’re the ones set to be getting hold of these new chips to put on their next generation GPUs. This means that we should be getting some die shrunk, new graphics card lineups in early 2012, probably Q1. They will likely be named nVidia 6 series cards, with AMD sporting 7 series. And round and round we go.

It is also thought that this die shrink will help pack some more powerful graphics card chips into our mobile, tablet and ultrabook devices. This will improve gaming and 3d rendering, as well as allow for energy savings on traditionally intense tasks like playing HD video .

This will put a big smile on the faces of the boys at nVidia and AMD, as they’re currently losing out in the mobile chip game to ARM, who have really secured a firm hold on the market, packing almost 95% of mobile handsets with their own chips. Considering the recent release of their more energy efficient, hybrid style chips as well, for a while it seemed they would continue to dominate. Perhaps now at least there will be some competition.

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