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AMD 7970 card unveiled

AMD 7970 card unveiled

AMD’s first next generation GPUs has landed. Leading with its best, the chip giant released the 7970 first, making it the most powerful single chip card available world wide.

This new 28nm GPU features 2,048 shaders, 3GB of onboard GDDR5 memory running throuhg a 384 bit memory interface. To power it, you’ll need one 6pin and one 6+2pin PCIe power connector. However you’ll be able to output from DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI.

With over 4.3 billion 28nm transistors used in its construction, the Tahiti GPU clocks in at 925MHz, with the big chunk of supporting memory running at 1375MHz.

Fudzilla has some early performance numbers for the new graphics card as well, stating that it easily beats out previous generations of single cards – as would be it expected – but it doesn’t quite top the speed and power of the dual chip varieties of AMD 6000 series and Nvidia 500 series cards.

Idle power consumption is down however thanks to the new die shink, with idle temperature also taking a nose dive. Under load the required wattage is a bit less too, meaning those with this new GPU under the hood should see reduced power requirements and a lower energy bill to boot.

After AMD dropped the ball with the release of Bulldozer, the company will be pleased to have a competitive and first to market card out there and ready for sale.

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