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Amazon Prices Wii U

Amazon Prices Wii U

Update: The price page for the black Wii U has now been pulled, leaving just the white version up without a suggested cost. The fact that it’s disappeared lends a bit of credence to the idea that the listed price was legitimate, leading to perhaps Nintendo asking for it to be removed lest it give too much away.

Amazon has added a price to its Wii U product page, listing it for £199, which is almost £100 less than the previously listed price on similar retailer ShopTo, which had it for £280.

A disclaimer on ShopTo’s page reads that: “PLEASE NOTE: All information on this product page, including our price, is subject to change. Normal pre-order price promise does not apply to this product at this time. Price may change pending full details from Nintendo.”

The same goes for the Amazon listing, as no official price has been released by Nintendo as of yet. Of course Amazon could be jumping the gun, but it seems likely it’s just speculating at the moment.

There have also been rumours that the next-generation of consoles will feature a subscription style model, similar to the current 360 $99 setup. This would massive increase the early adoption of a machine since it would be far more affordable at launch – the time when the hardware is usually at its most expensive.


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