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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to be Unveiled this week

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to be Unveiled this week

Having teased it for the past couple of months, Amazon are now set to release their copetitor tablet to the iPad and equivalents, known as the Kindle Fire. They better hope it isn’t a touch panel with rounded edges though, Apple invented that first, hoohoo tell em Fred.

The tablet world has recently been a bit all over the place. Apple of course are the reigning champions, batting aside all competition. HP famously stopped the production and sales of their Touchpad tablet, after selling just over 10% of that of the competitor  ipad. Samsung on the other hand aren’t able to sell their Galaxy Tab in Europe or in Australia thanks to Apple’s patent infringement suits.

Designed by external firm Quanta to save time, Amazon’s tablet is thought to look somewhat similar to the Blackberry Playbook with a 7″ backlit display. It does however have a black case and a touch display, so whether Apple will sue Amazon too is really up in the air.

As well as supporting the Kindle music store, it will feature Amazon’s streaming video service, a Tl dual-core OMAP chip and an Android 2.1 based operating system, though it is thought that a few tweaks will have been made to the OS.

Tomorrow is the planned unveiling day, but the Kindle Fire will not be going on sale until early November.

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